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Interviewing Tips

Do your homework. Take time prior to the interview to understand exactly what the company does and the position of each person interviewing you is and their function within the company.

Know about the company executives; understand the company’s products or services rendered. Most companies have executive biographies online within their websites – make sure you check them out.

Review sites like GlassDoor, CareerBliss, etc. Access social media, company blogs and online press releases, these are great resources for this exercise. This information will often give you an understanding of the companies’ culture, successes and where they are headed with their business models.

Dress for success! If you’re working with a recruiter they should know or will have the ability to ask about company dress codes. Don’t be shy – a call to the company HR department can give you the answer too. It will also reflect on you as someone who is proactive and detail oriented!

Do make sure that your interview attire is clean and well-fitting. This includes: shoes, briefcase, purse, etc. Ensure that your personal grooming is in order –combed hair and manicured nails are important!

Do keep jewelry to a minimum – bangles, drop earrings, neck chains, etc. should be tempered. Oh, and turn off your cell phone!

Dressing for success will give you an air of confidence and make an immediate impression on those who are interviewing you for the position.

Arrive early – 10 minutes will do. If you are driving and traffic is an issue plan to arrive at the destination at least a half-hour early; have a cup of coffee or juice nearby. Be prepared to be on time.

Do ensure that you have crisp, clean resumes for hand out to the interviewers if they ask for it. Be prepared, take extras just in case and include a notepad and pen too. Keep them with minimal personal items (cell phone, identification, etc).

Remember to keep your body language open, be pleasant and smile.

Do review your qualifications and the position descriptions. Be able to relate your background to the company needs. Know what you offer a company with your career background and understand what that company needs and why they are hiring.

It’s important to be able to be able to “think on your feet”. We all know of the questions that are usually asked: “what is your main weakness and tell me about yourself”. Think about these questions before the interview and know how you will answer them honestly and logically.

Before the interview is wrapped up do not be afraid to ask pertinent questions of the interviewer – know what these questions are before you enter the interview!

Thank them and let them know that you are interested in moving forward.

Do not forget your manners! Get the business card of each interviewer for access to their contact information. Send each interviewer a “thank you” email for their time and interview – in your own words.

You might also send it by snail mail… it’s always an added personal touch.

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