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Search Process

Trovato Group’s customized approach is driven by your staffing needs, business interest and position requirements. Our process assures a cost effective and time efficient search that results in the acquisition of talent that will produce results.

The design and structure of each search assignment revolves around the factors of confidentiality, urgency to fill the position, organizational level of the targeted position, availability of required skills and experience in the market, level of requested service, accessibility of talent, length of the placement guarantee and client commitment to the search. Once we have obtained an understanding of the your professional needs, we customize the search proposal in line with the requirements of the positions and service needed to find the perfect candidate. The three phases of the process are Search Design, Candidate Sourcing and Client Interview & Selection.

I. Search Design

The process begins with an in-depth discussion to obtain a thorough definition of the position and your needs. We review the company structure, organizational culture, position responsibilities, position requirements, performance expectations, position history & reporting, compensation and the desired personal attributes for the right candidate. Ideally, this conversation takes place in person at the client’s location, but can be done by phone if necessary. With the position defined, we review any consulting assistance needed related to the selection process, discuss the general aspects of the recruitment plan, review the search fee structure options in relationship to the factors influencing the search and obtain authorization to initiate the search on behalf of the client.

II. Candidate Sourcing & Preliminary Interview

Trovato Group implements this phase by utilizing the recruitment plan developed in the design phase. We use a unique relationship based approach to sourcing professionals for our clients. We identify potential candidates and interview them to ensure they are consistent with the position requirements, skills, experience, geographical targets and compensation expectations. Trovato Group presents only candidates meeting the qualifications of the position. Candidate resumes and summary options are available based upon you need, service level and preference. Personal candidate interviews are conducted at the request of the client consistent with the search service design.

III. Client Interview & Selection

At the time candidates are submitted to the client, we will assist in the scheduling of interviews, complete the debriefing of both candidate and client following an interview, assist in reference checking, consult on compensation and assist in the job offer process. With an accepted offer and upon request with a confirmed start date, we can complete background checks, verify education, consult on compensation, assist in the job offer process and provide additional support services to complete the selection process. Following the start date of the new hire Trovato Group maintains contact with you to assure a smooth transition and successful placement.

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